2017 Berry Season


Blackberries, Blueberries, Raspberries and Black Raspberries and…Strawberries are still hanging on into June!

Braehead Farm has Pick-Your-Own and pre-picked berries (and various veggies too)

Strawberries – We still have some strawberries in the fields.  Strawberries are a May crop and are lingering into June this year.  You are welcome to pick what we have, but the plentiful time of the season has passed.  $2.99 a pound PYO (pick your own) , $3.99 a pound pre-picked.

Blackberries – (7 different varieties of thorny and thornless!) $2.99 a half pound pound PYO , $3.99 a half a pound pre-picked. (When picking, be sure to only pick the deep dark BLACK berries.  Purple will be tart!)

Blueberries – (10 different varieties!) $2.99 a half pound PYO, $3.99 a half pound pre-picked.  (When picking, be sure to pick only the all dark BLUE. Purple will be tart!)

Raspberries and Black Raspberries  – $2.99 a quarter pound PYO, $3.99 a quarter pound pre-picked. (When picking raspberries, be sure to pick deep darker RED.  Light red will be tart!  Black Raspberries need to be BLACK!)

If you are looking for a large quantity of pre-picked berries, please call first for availability.

Pick-Your-Own berries are sold “by the pound”.  After you pick your berries, please take them into the market to be weighed for payment.  Please do not eat in the fields!

PYO and pre-picked availability is dependent on weather and crowds on any given day.  Berries need sunshine to continue to ripen.  Several days of rainy cloudy weather will slow down ripening.  We are open and the fields are open daily from 9am-6pm.  Feel free to call the market with any questions.   540-899-9848.



PICK YOU OWN INSTRUCTIONS:    Please check in with the Market when you arrive to get a “busket” to put your picked berries in.  This is a 4 quart basket/bucket that has air holes on the sides so that the berries in the middle can get air to them.  The berries will need cool air or they will deteriorate.  (Please do not leave them in your car after your purchase!)  This busket is pre-weighed in 0ur system so that when you bring in your picked berries, the scale will deduct the weight of the busket so that you will not be paying for the weight of the busket.  This busket can be used for any Pick Your Own at Braehead Farm!  Just bring it back with you!

We charge $1.00 for the busket if you would like to keep it.   We recommend the busket for all berry purchases to keep your berries in and keep them fresher and aerated.  Do not wash your berries until you get ready to eat them.  Just store them in your refrigerator in the busket until you are ready to eat them!

We also sell flats with fiber quart containers in them.  We charge $2.00 for the flat.