Farm Rules

So that everyone has a great farm visit, we have just a few rules and suggestions!

  • We have FREE RANGE CHICKENS, please DO NOT pick them up,  chase them,  throw things at them or feed them.  Please pick up and dispose of all trash so that our free range chickens do not eat it.
  • Balloons are not allowed on the grounds, only inside the barn and MUST be disposed of in trash cans after parties.  Past guests have left numerous popped balloons on our grounds and the chickens try to eat them.
  • Dogs are allowed on the farm if on leashes, but are NOT allowed in the produce fields.  Experience has shown that if our market is busy with customers we prefer that you not bring in your dog as to not stress him or her by all of the people inside a closed-in space.  You MUST clean up after your dog.  Also, be aware of the free range chickens that may be tempting to your dog.
  • Children age 15 and under must be supervised by an adult.
  • No alcohol allowed unless you provide a one day Banquet License issued by ABC Board, or your caterer provides their carry off license.
  • The Braehead Farm Kitchen serves lunch everyday from 11am-2pm on Weekdays and 11am-4pm on Weekends.  You are allowed to bring outside food.  (just do not feed the chickens or the animals!)
  • There is NO Smoking in the Market, or in the Play-Grounds in the Barn Lot, except in the one designated area  near the concrete pad by the silo.
  • No parties unless it is reserved through Braehead Farm.
  • Please be sure to put all trash in the trash cans.
  • Please be mindful that this is a working, family farm and take care of our farm that we have opened up to the community.  Please be respectful and caring to our animals.  Please DO NOT feed them unless you have feed given to you by the farm staff.  Please watch your children in the hay barns and please do not allow them to destroy the hay bales.  Please do not allow them to take out and dump the corn and sand around the farm or feed it to the animals.
  • Remember, we have working bee hives on the farm.  Please be mindful of you sugary foods and drinks, as bees love them.  Canned soda is not recommended.  Bees can fly down in the cans and sting your mouth when you unknowingly drink!
  • Please wear proper clothing and shoes to protect yourself on the farm!  You may want to bring sunscreen and bug spray and a change of clothes for your little ones!  They love to have fun and get dirty on the farm!

    Most of all….Have lots of good wholesome, farm fun!

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