Educational Field Trips


Educational Field Trips


2024 – General Educational Field Trips are $9.00 per person.

2024 – End of April and all of May is strawberry picking field trips which are $10.00 per person…receive a 1/2 pint handled container of strawberries!

2024  – Fall pumpkin patch field trips will be $11.00 per person and also includes a hayride, and a pumpkin that is sized for kids to carry themselves, picked from the school group pumpkin patch.  Field trips are a 4 station rotation:  Meet the animals and feed the goats, meet with the Beekeeper, learn the life cycle of the plant and pick a pumpkin, go on a hayride!

(All weekday field trips are per person, children and adults, teachers employed by the school are free)

At other times of the year when we do not do strawberry or pumpkin picking, the group can “Pick for the farmer”.  This is an educational walk into the fields to see how different types of fruits and vegetables grow, whether on bushes or vines!   They can experience how to properly pick and pick a few things for the farmer if they wish!  Or the group could experience planting something for the farmer, depending on what the farmer needs at the time!  (You are welcome to pick produce to purchase in the market for your group.  Most vegetables are $3.99 a pound, and the berries have varied prices.)

Braehead Farm welcomes school, day cares, home school,  and moms groups to join us year round!  Reserved school groups can arrive at the farm as early as 9:00am.

Bring your group of 3 year olds and older to receive:

  • Meet with  staff  to learn a lesson about seasonal produce plant life cycle, (spring is Strawberries, summer is a variety of veggies, and fall is pumpkins) ladybugs and honey bees and how they are all related to the season!
  • Learn how to properly pick produce without hurting the plant!
  • A visit through our farm market to see our GLASS BEE OBSERVATION HIVE!
  • “Wake up” the chickens!  Learn about Free Range Chickens, hens and eggs.  Learn about the wildlife in the area that are predators of chickens.
  • See how the Braehead Farm Bee Keeper houses the bees and learn about Beekeeping here on the farm!  See the bee suit!  (The actual beekeeper may not be on site at all times, but Braehead Farm educational staff will lead this part of the lesson!)
  • Feed the goats!
  • See rabbits, pigs, horses, alpacas, sheep and cows!  A lesson about each animal and their habitats, food and care, to include recycling of animal “droppings” for compost and fertilizer!
  • After the educational tour your group will be turned over to the school staff to go to lunch.  We have various picnic tables for your lunch or snack.  Your group is welcome to stay and play in the “Play-Grounds of the Barn Lot” without having to pay the admission fee!  Hay barns, swings, corn pit, bikes and trikes, sand piles, “steer head” roping, tunnel and more!

Tour/School Group Discount: Your group receives all of these special staff led enrichment lessons, lunch tables AND access to The Family Playgrounds.  (Our normal daily general admission to The Family Playgrounds is $6.00 per person.)   (Braehead Farm Season Passes are only for a daily play in The Family Playgrounds.  This special group educational tour offering is not included in the Season Pass.)  We require 15 paying participants to make a group or the equivalent in payment.  

During special seasons such as strawberry or pumpkin, we include picking and learning about these seasonal items!  Other times of the year we  customize our lessons and schedule for your group!  We have found that the  younger groups may just want to pick and play!  Just let us know if we can adjust this offering for your group!

**** Teachers employed by the school are free !  As always, 2 and under are free as a sibling (unless the tour is for a special designed group tour for two year olds)    All others attending the field trip (children and chaperones and siblings over two)   pay the group individual rate.  Those paying receive strawberries, or pumpkins, depending on the season.   Since the teachers and under age 2 siblings are FREE, then if they would like produce such as pumpkins or strawberries or other produce,  these produce items can be purchased.   They get the staff led tour for free only. 

Just call us at 540-899-9848 to reserve your group! Or email us at   Let us know the size of your group.