October Harvest Festival Weekends!



Our 2015 Harvest Festival Weekends will be going on every weekend from Saturday  October 3rd to Saturday October 31st.

The festival will include:

Access to The Family Play-Grounds in the Barn Lot!

This area includes play-grounds, hay barns, swings, sand piles, slack-line, corn hole, volleyball, tetherball, bikes and trikes, picnic tables, FARM ANIMALS and more!   (This is our everyday play-ground area that has a daily admission of $5.00 per person, 2 and under free)

Access to the Harvest Festival Event! 

This area includes HAYRIDES around the back of the farm and through the (G rated) Halloween decorated forest!  There will be a Corn Maze, Sunflower Maze, Pumpkin Patch, and a Pumpkin Decorating Tent.  ALSO, bring your cameras to take photos of your children visiting the with the GREAT PUMPKIN in the PUMPKIN PATCH!   Every child that meets with the GREAT PUMPKIN will receive a small surprise from the GREAT PUMPKIN!

Harvest Festival Weekend Fee: The WEEKEND HARVEST FESTIVAL EVENT will be an additional $4.00 to our everyday Family Play-Ground entrance fee of $5.00,  for a total of $9.00 per PERSON 2 and under freeSeason pass holders will only have to pay the Event Fee of $4.00 since the Season Pass gives access to the Family Play-Grounds area during the Harvest Festival Weekends!

Pumpkins will  be sold for 69 cents a pound.   All children in the Play-Grounds AND Event area must be accompanied by an adult.

IT IS ALWAYS FREE TO VISIT OUR FRONT PICK-YOUR-OWN FIELDS AND PURCHASE THE PRODUCE THAT YOU PICK!  You can pick pumpkins and purchase them in the Market, no entry fee to the pick-your-own fields in the front of the farm.

*SPECIAL EVENT NOTE:  During times of special events going on at Braehead Farm, we do still rent out our two barns for private parties and the parties still get the same rate, barn rental and  Family Play-Ground access for the same rental rate as always.  Any guests wanting to participate in the Event that is taking place in the far back separate area, would have to pay the event fee.  Our 2015 Month of October Harvest Festival Event will be taking place every weekend in October  in the backfield of the farm.  During this time, to gain access to this area for your party guests, you can be given a group discount on the Event Fee of $3.00 per person (2 and under are free).  All children MUST be accompanied by an adult.  (The general public will be paying $9.00 per person to gain access to the Family Play-Grounds area AND the Event , 2 and under free.)  The group discount rate must be paid all at once, and not individually.