Horseback Riding Camp


2023 Summer Equestrian Camp WILL BE HELD AT WOODPECKER FARM IN CAROLINE COUNTY.  See information below for camp held at Woodpecker Farm.

Woodpecker Farm has many well trained ponies for horse camp.  Braehead Farm will not be hosting horse camp this year.


(Additional camp details are included below)

What Campers Need to Bring:

  1. ASTM Approved riding helmet
  2. Jodhpur type boots – with ½” to 1” heel
  3. Lunch (water and snack provided)
  4. One change of clothes
  5. Extra shoes for hiking and playing
  6. Sun screen


These camps are scheduled for all levels of riders.  The focus will be on teaching young equestrians proper and safe riding techniques and care for horses and equipment.

Advanced levels excel in perfecting riding skills and expanding their horse knowledge.

Each day, weather permitting, there will be lessons on horseback and off. A typical day would have a lesson, unmounted instruction, and mounted games or a trail ride.


Great opportunities are in store for those advanced campers who are accepted.  They will benefit from having instruction every day and guest professionals.

Emphasis will put on each individual’s skills that may need attention both on and off horses.  In addition, they will be trained in course designing, horse show management and produce our Tuesday evening horse show.

Of course, there is always time for fun and games.

Advanced campers must be able to jump a 2’ course and know their leads and diagonals.